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VW's secret 400km/h cars:
Exclusive spy pics!
14/02/2003 08:03

At last! After almost a week of speculation and sightings of VW's super Bugatti Veyrons in the Western-Cape, Wheels24 obtained exclusive spy photos of these exciting cars. It also seems that these supercars are being tested in South Africa, and are not here for a photographic shoot.

A Southern Cape family took photos of the three sensational Bugatti Veyrons. The Greeff family, Marianne, Derick and Annette, spotted these cars on the scenic coastal route between Betty's Bay and Gordon's Bay.

The photos also show that there are special stickers on the Veyrons, which read: "High speed test vehicle - Approved by Government." This indicates that the cars are in South Africa for test purposes.

The Veyrons was first spotted earlier this week on the Cape's West Coast and then a day later another Wheels24 reader saw them in the Overberg district on the N2 near Grabouw.

There are no badges on the three test vehicles but it is unmistakably Bugattis Veyrons.

The Bugatti Veyron is the hottest car in Volkswagen's arsenal. It features an 8-litre W16 (2xV8) muscle engine with a power output of 736kW at 6 000 rpm. Torque is a mighty 1250Nm.

The car has a top speed of 406km/h and accelerates from 0-300km/h in less than 14 seconds!


Holy Moly!!! 14 seconds to 186 mph!

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