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1-Series latest 17/12/02

"Watch-out Ford & VW, BMW is after your sales". Industry pundits are tipping the 1-Series formula - edgy looks, class leading dynamics & that aspirational badge - to do some serious damage to mainstream rivals sales. They will include the Focus & Golf & in a twist of fate, Rovers replacement 45. The 4150mm-long 1-Series is less likely to have as much cabin space as it's front-wheel rivals but will be aiming to beat it's rivals. The baby BMW will come with 115Bhp 1.8 & 143Bhp 2.0 litre four-cylinder engines updated to met future EU4 emission regulations. Two versions of the 2.0 litre common-rail turbodiesel will be offered with either 115Bhp or 150Bhp. Predicted prices are to start around £15,000. BMW wants to sell 180,000 1-Series annually but predicts it could rise to 250,000. Expect three-door & five-door hatches to be joined by two-door coupe & cabriolet, likely to be called the 2-Series & spawn a 240Bhp M2. Also planned is a £20,000 Z2 sports convertible.

X5 Make-over 17/12/02

The facelifted model will arrive this summer with new engines & mild restyling to keep buyers interested. Cosmetic tweaks are limited to modified grill & new headlamps, but current 3.0 Litre Diesel & 4.4 V8 Petrol have been shelved in favour of more powerful 7-Series units. The base unit 3.0 Litre petrol engine is being adapted to include BMW's Valvetronic system fitted to four cylinder & V8 engines. Six speed automatic gearbox will replace the current 5 speed auto.

Mini News 17/12/02

New Cabrio four seater due in 2004, with new two seater speedster version for 2005.

BMW is planning a new 2-seater Mini to take on the Mazda MX5, it will feature roll-over hoops, fabric flat-folding roof, stripped out interior, & lower seats with prices to start at around £13,000.


New variants of the Mini are being planned, due on sale late 2006. It will be longer, wider & taller in a bid to give it more cabin room & a better boot. It may also get more doors too - but with a twist. BMW designers are toying with the idea of rear sliding doors like those on the forthcoming Peugeot 107. Access to the boot could be via two individual doors opening outwards like the old Mini Traveller. Power will come from all-new four cylinder petrol engines, the result of a joint venture between BMW & Peugeot-Citroen. The move will ensure that BMW can ditch the current 1.6litre Chrysler engine now supplied by arch-rival Mercedes-Benz.

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