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The new M6 is to get V10 500Bhp £80,000 will be BMW's most powerful car todate.

Reaches the UK in 2005 & will be priced to take on Porsche 911 Carrera, Aston Martin DB8, & new super-coupes from Mercedes & Audi. The new aspirated engine will be upped to 5.5 litres, will acknowledge BMW's F1 involvement as well as competing with rivals stratospehic power outputs without resorting to either Turbocharging or Supercharging.

6-Speed manual or Automatic gearbox , with BMW's third generation version of the SMG (Sequential Manual Gearbox) will also be on offer.

Weight is likely to be 1700kg, but expect a 0-60mph time of under 4.6secs. Top speed will be electronically limited to 155Mph, but unlimited it should be capable of over 186Mph.

Aluminium underpinings, with a combination of struts & multilink suspension at the rear. It shares it's basic geometry with the forthcoming new 5-Series due in Sept 2003, but many components will be unique to the M6. BMW's Active steering are also being modified to suit the hardened performance.

The cars more muscular appearance hints of 7-Series with Z9 Concept. Setting it apart from the standard 6-Series is a deeper front air dam with larger cooling vents, 19" Alloys, flared wheel arches, chunky side sills & lower rear valance with a diffuser-style duct, the M6 styling changes will also reduce downforce at speed.

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