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Audi is planning to introduce a range of Allroad models and the A3 soft-roader will go on sale in 2005. The A3 Allroad has a sporty and youthful appearance, but it seems very muscular. This A3 also has design influences of the new Audi Pikes Peak concept.

The car is based on the Audi Steppenwolf concept which made its debut at the 2000 Paris Motor Show. This concept 4x4 has a 3.2-ltre V6 power train with an output of 168kW.

As with the Steppenwolf the A3 Allroad will feature a permanent quattro four-wheel-drive system. It is also expected to have a six-speed manual gearbox - this combination will ensure a thrilling off-road experience.

Other Steppenwolf features, which are expected to make an appearance in the A3 Allroad, are an Electronic Differential Lock (EDL) and ESP.

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