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Ahead of its official debut at the Geneva Auto Show next month, a complete brochure for the Audi RS5 has leaked online showing the muscular coupe in all its bright red glory. Looking at the photos it’s clear that the RS5 will follow in the tire treads of the RS4 and RS6, delivering massive amounts of power in a low-slung, fender-bulging package.

What the leaked brochure doesn’t give us, is the important info – like what engine is under the hood and how much horsepower it makes. Some have speculated it could use the RS6’s V10, while others suggest the S4’s Supercharged V6. We have reason to believe the RS5 is more likely to be powered by the RS4’s high-revving V8, as suggested by the single tachometer photo which shows a redline at above the 8000 rpm mark – just like on the RS4.

We have to think this RS5 could focus more on light-weight than horsepower. After all, last year Audi did release info on an A5 using an aluminum (rather than steel) frame, along with a carbon fiber hood and trunk, that weighed just 2,888 lbs.

We’ll keep you updated, with live coverage of the Geneva Auto Show starting March 2nd.
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