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A/C Drive Belt Horrible Noise

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Hi everyone, I have a sedan but since my problem has to do with the drive belts nothing to do with being a sedan decided to post it in this forum as it seems to get more traffic.

I have a 2004 G35 sedan 6MT. Recently my belt started chirping. Few minutes before parking the car to work on it I heard on two occasions a horrible squealing noises for just a few seconds. As well my battery and parking brake light were on the dash even though the alternator was putting out a steady 14.6 volts at idle under load and my battery tester showed my battery checked out fine.

I removed all the crap to get to the belts, replaced them both with Goodyear Mileage Maker belts and hear this terrible squealing noise. Removed the alternator/power steering belt (battery light was still on by the way even immediately after changing the belt for a brand new one, didn't see any loose pulleys from the alternator), I also changed the A/C idler pulley (new one still has a tiny bit of play like the old one, though don't think it's enough to be causing the problem) and tried a new Bando branded belt, still this horrible squealing noise with some smoke coming from the general area like the belt had way too much friction. Please note this is when the A/C is OFF not on (opposite of the problem most people having a noise when the A/C is on but in my case it's when it's off). When it's on there is no noise. When it's off there is terrible noise (except when you start the car there is no noise, only when you turn the A/C on and then off again there is the noise). Am I doing something wrong? Maybe doing the belt too tight or too loose? Or my AC compressor pulley/clutch is just toast?

I have a sixty second video about the problem with timestamps of the noise. In the video only the AC belt is installed and the car is running off the battery so can't be from any of the alternator/power steering belts and pulleys. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance!

0:00 A/C is off - no noise
0:14 A/C on - still no noise
0:31 A/C off - horrible noise/some smoke
0:46 A/C on - noise disappears
0:52 A/C off - horrible noise again
0:55 A/C on - noise goes away
0:58 shutting car off, belt makes noise spinning down

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