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HKS Hi Power Catback 03+ Z/G35

After over 10,000 replies on our last post for the HKS and enough PM replies to make your head spin, we decided to make a more "Educated" sale. Instead of making yet another post about how awesome pricing is, etc which all dwindled down to having you "PM us for the best price", we found a better solution... Website discount code

THMotorsports Advantage:

1. The HKS Hi Powers are usually in stock in large amounts. If they are not, we usually have a one week wait time to receive more as they are always on order.
2. We offer 3 day air shipping free based on the in-stock products. Order Monday, get it on wed/thurs.
3. We offer you to order online at the price you see. If you can't call in, thats ok - our website takes all form of payments.
4. Oh yea, the price :). We don't like to just sell on price, but it helps to give you a great price on an awesome product!

How to order?

Step 1. Choose
350z 03-07:
G35 Coupe 03-07:
Step 2. Click add to cart
Step 3. Under coupon code, type in "hks"

You can now see the price with shipping included and either checkout or call to order if your having website problems.

1. Call 1-800-959-0145 toll free and mention the sale
**Master Card, Visa, Discover, AMEX** OR PM US!!!!!!!
EMAIL: [email protected]
WE ALSO USE AIM: THMotorsportscom
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