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This comes from Road and Track. I think this is one of the nicest comparos I have read lately and it shows what a great deal the Z06 is and secondarily what a great deal the 350Z is. In this case the 350Z is a TRACK model.

I am only going to post the numbers and maybe as the thread goes on post about the mag's comments which were very interesting.

Finally, let me say that the mag says, they could not get a 911 Carera due to availability. So they went with the Targe model wich is the same thing as far as specs, expect it is 150 pounds heavier. They were concerned about rigidity, but driving the car, they felt it was as rigid as the 911 Carera. I thought that was noteworthy (150 pounds makes a difference both in acceleration as well as braking - plus weight tranfer when turning from side to side I am sure). Anyway here are the numbers:


350Z= 5.8
M3 SMGII= 4.9
Z06= 4.5
911 Targa= 5.0

1/4 Mile

350Z= 14.4
M3 SMGII= 13.5
Z06= 12.8
911 Targa= 13.5

Lap Time

350Z= 1:40:06
M3 SMGII= 1:40:09
Z06= 1:36:50
911 Targa= 1:40:79


350Z= 0.88g
M3 SMGII= 0.89g
Z06= 0.98g
911 Targa=0.92g


350Z= 67.3 mph
M3 SMGII= 68.8 mph
Z06= 67.6 mph
911 Targa= 65.5 mph

Braking: 80-0 mph

350Z= 213 ft
M3 SMGII= 213 ft
Z06= 204 ft
911 Targa= 208 ft


350Z= $34,688
M3 SMGII= $55,695
Z06= $51,450
911 Targa=$84, 975

Now this is the most interesting part of the comparo I think. The mag claims they found a way to measure "Performance Per Dollar". In the following math expression:

(A x B x SL x SK x L) / root of P

(Dont know what the root sign is on the keyboard sorry)

A= 0-60
B= Braking
SL= Slalom
SK= Skidpad
L= Lap Time
P= Price

Hey where is the 1.4 mile?

The result from the above expression is (larger= better):

350Z= 7.8
M3 SMGII= 7.6
Z06= 10.0
911 Targa= 6.1

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Some interesting comments where:

THe Z was the easiest to drive fast without needing an acclamation with the car. Unlike all the other cars. The 911 was the second easiest.

The Z06 was not only the best performer but also the MOST COMFORTABLE CAR ON THE ROAD as well! They say, the Z06s have come a long way since the first year. Hmmm....

They said that the 911's interior quality was as good as that of the M3's. Give me a break. I dont think so.

2001 CL Type S
2001 Lexus RX300 Silversport
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