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GT-R delivers fun you’ll suffer for
by Colum Wood

It’s the morning after. Literally… and figuratively.

Yesterday I went on a bender with the Nissan GT-R, shooting video for eight straight hours including plenty of acceleration runs. And now I’m suffering.

My neck feels like someone replaced my pillow with a cinderblock. With 463 lb-ft of torque, AWD and launch control, this is one street car you need a HANS device to drive.

But it wasn’t all debauchery. In fact, my time with the 2013 GT-R was highly educational. I’ve learned some new things about the Japanese supercar and about myself.

For starters, the GT-R is no longer on a pedestal in my mind and the reason is tied to something new I’ve learned about myself: I’m more of a car snob than even I thought possible.

This morning I’m waking up to the realization that while the GT-R remains an awesome feat of engineering, it’s more than a little rough around the edges.
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