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While Japanese luxury brands have been encroaching on traditional German car territory for over two decades, in the entry-level luxury convertible segment companies like BMW have been unchallenged, until now.

With the launch of the G37 Convertible, Infiniti will go head-to-head with BMW's 335i Convertible, while offering a "you'd be stupid not to" package to those considering purchasing a 328i Convertible. At a base price of $43,850 for the automatic or $43,900 for the 6-speed Sport model ($57,400 CDN), it undercuts the comparatively-powered 335i by almost $7,000 and is even cheaper than the noticeably less powerful 328i.

What the Infiniti offers for the price, however, is mostly on par with the 335, including an engaging driving experience and a powerful engine.

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