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Hi All,

I have a 2006 G35S Sedan, 6MT with Rev up. Recently my muffler broke off clean just behind the last flange of the exhaust pipe so my pipe is open. The muffler is still secured by the 2 rubber mounts and it bumps against the heat shields a bit but it isn't in danger of falling off so I haven't removed it. Since this happened I have found a very noticeable increase in power and the car sounds fantastic. It seems like it gets better fuel mileage, too, but that I think it usually does as the weather warms up. I'd like to replace the muffler but I don't want to lose the power gains and I don't really need it to be much quieter. Do you have any recommendations on a muffler brand or muffler shop/chain that might work for me? The rest of the exhaust system seems to be fine.

Thank you,


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