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Well, if that's a facelift, putting a new grill on our CL would be a...complete redesign.


And the rumors on the added options/features:


I have been hearing some news leaks on the updates to the 2004 X5.

Here goes: New front grill, refresh of front and rear bumpers. New seats with upgraded leather. Seats will be heated and cooled. Steering wheel will be updated to conform with new styles. The 4 wheel drive will be updated. 4.4i engine from 745i producing 330hp and about 335lb/ft. New 6 speed auto trans. Possible 20" rims on 4.4 sport. LED lights, adaptive xenon heddlights. Navigation with pop-up display. Air suspension that can be raised and lowered either automatically or manually. There will be more standard features with fewer options. Lastly, the 4.6is will no longer be available but, my source said the new 4.4i will have performance similar to the outgoing 4.6. As I said previously, with a $55k price tag on a loaded 4.4i sport, performance as good as a 4.6is, who will buy a Cayenne S? With similar options the Cayenne balloons up to $65k. It is much heavier, will have slightly more hp(10), less torque (25) and is obviously the ugliest excuse for an SUV I have ever seen. Anyway, thought I would pass along the info.

*BTW, almost forgot, I heard the BMW is revamping their engines. Be careful if you are buying the new 5, or X5. I hear at the end of 2004, the 3.0 will be replaced by a 275hp 3.5L engine.


About the engine upgrade at the end:

About time they "parred" Infiniti on the power as well as the size. Now with such an engine the 3 and 5 series make sense again (as long as their prices dont go up).

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