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I posted about a bump in power to the GT3 in a previous post as a rumor. We are now going up 21HP, to a total of 381 HP. That is +6%. The changes to the engine are minimal. New engine mgt and new cams. So now this car is closer to its...Nemesis, the 360 Modena (making 400HP from the same displacement of 3.6 liters but with 2 more cylinders).

The redline now is at 8200 rpm. The torque is 385Nm. +4%. 308Nm though is available from 2000 rpm, so this is a very "streetable" engine/car.

0-62.5mph is now 4.5 secs from 4.8 secs. The top sped is half a mile higher than that of the Porsche Turbo.

Also the fron discs are larger and a new generation ABS is being applied. Larger tires and wider wheels as well (8.5 inches front with 11 inches in the rear). There will be a Clubsport version with a rollbar and lighter overall.

2001 CL Type S
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