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Hey all,

I'm lovin' my brand new G35 6MT sedan that I leased and took delivery of on Sunday. The finance guy, and not my salesman, was trying to sell me a teflon layer of paint and interior fabric protection called Autoguard for $1220.

I declined, thinking that since I might possibly return the car at the end of 36 months, the paint protection would not be a worthy investment given that I'd take great care of the car anyways. He told me I have 5 business days to think about it if I still wanted it.

My thinking is this at lease end...

If I'm going to keep the car: Get paint protection now.

If I'm going to trade in car: Get paint protection now if dealer credits me a higher value than the residual amount printed on lease doc.

If I'm going to walk away: No paint protection now.

Should I get it or not?

2003 Infiniti G35 6MT sedan
Black obsidian over graphite leather with 8 miles odometer
base + moonroof + trunkmat = negotiated price $27700
54% residual with 15K miles/yr after 36 months = $16580 thru Infiniti Financial Services

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NO! Stay away from those paint protector systems. You can do it much better and cheaper yourself. First of all, the interior protector is simply a "ScotchGuard" spray can that they apply to the fabric or leather. Just buy a can at WalMart for either the leather or fabric and you're set!

As for the exterior, use Zaino. While it's not a 2nd "clearcoat" as advertised by the dealers, it will protect your paint and keep your car looking awesome! Check out their web site,

And don't forget to send pics to us: [email protected]

2003 G35 Coupe (on order)
Diamond Graphite / Graphite

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Strongly agree with VQ and Chaz here. My Lexus dealer tried to add-on this crap without my consent. I told them to forget it. It is not necessary, especially if you take reasonable care of your paint with periodic washing and waxing. I use Zymoil exterior wax. It's highly rated and available at Walmart. I don't think any interior treatment, particularly at the inflated prices they charge, is worth the money.
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