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Hi everyone,
I've been soaking up all the great info on this board for the past few weeks, but this is my first post.

I test drove a 6mt coupe last week, and now I'm hooked. I must have one now! I've contacted around 6 dealers here in SoCal (and even Grubbs), and no one wants to budge off MSRP. I've heard of others on this board in different states getting better deals. Anyone in SoCal get one under MSRP?

I'm waiting for my particular color/trim level to become available (DG/6MT/Aero/Prem), and am resigned to pay MSRP... still think it's worth it. But was just curious to see what others were paying. Sorry if this info was already provided in another thread.

Also, I've already put a deposit down at the dealership in Montclair, CA. Anyone have any good/bad experience with them?

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