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Alright so my car was initially down due to a blown transmission. Got everything replaced (CD009, new clutch, new flywheel, new clutch line) and I even did the rear main seal and the front seal. Opened up the upper oil pan and it was hell lol

put everything back and when I started the car, I thought I had an exhaust leak since my exhaust was cracked. took it to an exhaust shop and the guy said my car is misfiring. He said it shouldn't be sounding like a subaru 😂 the whole time I thought it was because of the exhaust leak. read the code and said I had a misfire on cylinder 2. changed the spark plug and the car sounded WAY better. sounded normal and the code was still coming up. changed the coil pack and the code went away.

The next day I was driving it and making sure everything was going smooth, my car stalls on me. I turn it back on and my car would stall on me at low rpms. The car would still start right back up though. I thought it was a vacuum leak or something. drove it back home stalling and turning the car back on. I checked and no leaks. I did the throttle relearn and I turned the car back on. My car was idling fine and it would not stall! I decided to test drive it and I messed up.

The car turned off on me in the middle of traffic! I tried turning it back on and it would crank, but not turn over. pushed it to a gas station nearby and tried to start it and nothing. I have a new battery and new alternator so it can't be that. A guy let me use his reader and it threw me the camshaft sensors. I tried to change them and nothing. I can hear my fuel pump, but I don't know if it can still not work even with it priming. OR it could be a clogged fuel filter. I'm hoping it's that because I don't want it to be the timing chain. That's my biggest fear lol. my injectors had fuel when I opened them up so I think that's good? Also heard it could be the MAF sensor, but I heard the car can still start without one or it could be hesitant when running at least.

Switched out the crankshaft position sensor so that's not it. Not sure why it could be the timing all of a sudden. My car was down for months too. 60k miles on my imported engine as well...I posted it for sale and they're trynna hoe me out for 2k smh

IF it is the timing chain, I'll sell it and get myself a subaru 😊😊
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