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  1. G35 Sedan 2007-08
    So I've got a 2008 6mt sedan, and the clutch started slipping, I drive fairly hard but take very good care of my car and will rarely ever do big power mods so decided to buy an oem plus LUK flywheel and clutch kit. Since I was on a budget I let a mutual friend install the kit for me and now I've...
  2. Cars for Sale
    I’m open to almost anything. I tend to shy away from rebuilt titles, though. Location isn’t super important, I’m willing to fly out for the right car or get it shipped to FL (I’m in the Orlando area). I have cash and guaranteed financing if needed. Would prefer to stay under $13k.
  3. New Member Introductions
    New here driving 08 sedan 6mt w/clutch exhaust and coilovers upgrades
  4. IMG_0011

    Couldn't take the 37s driving by me I had to upgrade. (not a big fan of the 2010/2011 models with the non-integrated fog lights...let alone the chrome edge lining for the shifter console) *claybar&teflon finish.

    Always keep it G.

    Always keep it G.
  7. G-Town Cruise

    Shot in Georgetown, Washington, DC
  8. @ The Lab

    Just playing thought it would be a cool shot.
1-12 of 12 Results