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  1. G35 Coupe
    I wrecked my 2004.5 g35 and bought a clean shell and then I put the motor from my old g into the new g which is a 2003. Turns out the 2003s use narrow band sensors and 2004.5's use wideband o2 sensors. Right now my car is misfiring really bad, I tried swapping ecu but I couldn't get around the...
  2. G37 Sedan
    Alright first off I'm new to this forum but this is the 2nd G I have owned. Its a 2012 G37 S 6MT & her name is ARI <3 Currently experiencing issues only when it Rains.☔🌧 Incident #1: Drove my car to work while raining, Get to work and park and I go to push the button to shut off my car and the...
1-2 of 2 Results