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  1. G35 Sedan 2007-08
    So I've got a 2008 6mt sedan, and the clutch started slipping, I drive fairly hard but take very good care of my car and will rarely ever do big power mods so decided to buy an oem plus LUK flywheel and clutch kit. Since I was on a budget I let a mutual friend install the kit for me and now I've...
  2. Cars for Sale
    I have one... $19,500. Price negotiable. Excellent condition. Always garaged. Original owner. All keys, booklets, records, etc maintained. All details are at the website below.
  3. G35 Coupe
    Hi everyone I bought a g35 and it has 135k miles. It has been making this transmission chatter noise in neutral and at when revving at low rpms (1k-2k). I searched around and looked at a lot of forum posts saying that this is the flywheel chatter that a lot of g35s and 350zs make. I'm not sure...
1-3 of 3 Results