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I got this car after totaling my first G35/first high school car. It wasn't in great shape but it was the only decent option in the area for a sporty car in a short amount of time, as I needed a way to get to school. The car broke down after a few months, due to the DISA flap being sucked into the intake, being stuck in a valve, knocking a rocker arm of the cam, and causing the misfire of several cylinders. Trust me, it took a while to figure this one out. The car has had many other issues in it's time with me, such as countless oil leaks despite routine gasket maintenance. It also has an inexplicable rough idle at times, while being rock solid when hitting the throttle at any RPM. The car is quirky and weird, and despite the absolute nightmare it is at times, there are times when you just hit the gas and smile anyway. It is now the project car of the family as I've switched to my G35. We are currently attempting to get the car fixed up enough that we can get it off our hands without losing too much money in it.
2006 BMW 330i (Red)


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