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Infiniti G35/G37 News & Polls
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Infiniti G35/G37 Polls / Site Polls

This section contains polls relating to Infiniti G35/G37 Coupes and Sedans, as well as Infiniti polls in general. In addition, site polls will be posted in this section. Only Administrators may start new threads/polls in this section.
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Infiniti Discussion

G35 Coupe

General discussion on the G35 Coupe.
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G35 Sedan 2003-06

General discussion on the 2003-06 G35 sedan.
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G35 Sedan 2007-08

General discussion on the 2007-08 G35 sedan.
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G37 Coupe

The New G37 Coupe
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G37 Sedan

The New G37 Sedan
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G37 Convertible

For all discussion about the G37 Convertible
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G25 Sedan

For all discussion about the new G25 sedan.
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Photo/Video/Media Gallery

Share pictures and/or videos of your ride!
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Audio & Navigation

Time to upgrade that stock system!
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Buying a G

Financing, Leasing, allocations and general questions about picking up your new G!
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Meets, Events and Clubs

Post your local meets, events or club announcements here.
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Upcoming Infiniti Model Info

Rumors, news, pictures and specs on upcoming Infiniti models.
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Detailing and Car Care

Products and tips for inside and out!
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Nissan GTR

Nissan GTR Car and Product News

This section contains news relating to Nissan GTR. Only Admins can post in this section.
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Nissan GTR Discussion

General discussion on the Nissan GTR
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Picture / Media Posts

If you've got pictures of the new Nissan GTR and you'd like to share them with us, please do so here. This section also contains video posts of the Nissan GTR.
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Other Vehicles

New Member Introductions

Are you new to our 6mt forum? Introduce yourself and meet new members in this section.
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General Discussion

Discuss other vehicles in here.
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Automotive Industry News

Keep posted of auto industry news, reviews and more here.
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Racing Discussion


Stories, track times, dynos
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  • 2.4M Market Place

Cars for Sale

No need to discriminate, Nissan, Honda, BMW, they're all welcome here!
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Sell/buy your bling, bling! Sponsored by: Discount Tire
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Performance Mods

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Member Sale/Trade

Have something you want to sell or trade? Post it here!
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Vendors This section is for vendors that help support our website. If you are interested in becoming a supporting vendor, please email [email protected]

Vendor Deals

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Diode Dynamics

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Discount Tire

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Konig Wheels

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